HELMET is an innovative project to realize an open standard and interoperable GNSS augmentation solution for Train control systems based on the ERTMS standard and the Connected and autonomous cars for high accuracy-integrity positioning. Yet, Drones can benefit from this augmentation network to ensure the highest safety levels when flying over roads and rails. HELMET is based on a dual-layer of augmentation means combining SBAS-EGNOS services already available with a local network leading to a common multi-modal architecture with ad-hoc interfaces for the rail, automotive, and drone applications. Correction messages compliant with the new SC-134 RTCM international standard for DGNSS, RTK, NRTK, SSR, PPP can be made available by the service provider primarily to rail and smart roads infrastructure managers that in turn can disseminate to individual vehicles by using either a dedicated telecom network or a public network.

This project has received funding from EUSPA under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.