The HELMET project kick-off meeting was held in Prague on January 9, 2020.

Daniel Lopour, Project Officer of HELMET from GSA side, presented the European GNSS Agency’s expectations regarding the project, contractual and administrative issues.

Prof. Alessandro Neri (Radiolabs), the Project Coordinator, illustrated the HELMET project goals, its activities, and relationship with the other previous projects. The meeting continued with the intervention of Mr. Maurizio Salvitti, Project Manager, that presented the management structure, the project timeline, the WBS, and the main outputs.

Then, each WP leader presented the WP goals and activities, and timeline.

In conclusion, Mrs. Valentina Preda, the Financial Manager of the project presented the administrative and financial issues.

Mr. Maurizio Salvitti closed the Kick-off Meeting, remembering to comply with Annex 1 of the Grant Agreement to establish properly, from the beginning of the activities, clear references interfaces in the organization structure.