Radiolabs presents HELMET at the Space4Innovation in Rail – Madrid, 13-14 September

European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) takes a step forward towards the future as the European Commission, the Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking (EURail), the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) jointly host an event that showcases the integration of European satellite technology into the rail [...]

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Article published on Inside GNSS about the work performed on HELMET project

Q: How can GNSS augmentation services be combined to simultaneously support multiple user classes with demanding but varied requirements? A: Many augmentations of GNSS satellite navigation have been developed and fielded since the GPS constellation was completed and declared fully operational in 1995. The best known of these are satellite-based and ground-based augmentation systems (SBAS [...]

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HELMET – Satellite technologies for autonomous, connected and ecosustainable transport

Rome, 13 December 2022 • Preview of HELMET project results presented in Rome • Main railway and road operators involved • Italy European "laboratory" of satellite technologies for intelligent transportation Connected and autonomous driving represents the new frontier of mobility and an unprecedented challenge involving research, industry and regulatory bodies from all over the world. The [...]

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HELMET Workshop_Enabling autonomous transport systems to GNSS satellite technology

Enabling autonomous transport systems to GNSS satellite technology - The contribution of the HELMET project Workshop Monday, December 12, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. Roma Tre University, via Vito Volterra 62 Rome Today, more than ever, it is urgent to use intelligent, safe and sustainable transport systems that can make energy use more efficient and reduce [...]

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HELMET Tests successfully completed on the Rome – Fiumicino motorway

The test campaign took place from 11 to 13 April as part of the HELMET project (High integrity GNSS Layer for Multimodal Eco-friendly Transportation) funded by EU H2020 - EUSPA and coordinated by Radiolabs. HELMET's objective is the development of innovative applications for the safe localization of vehicles, using the data of the EGNOS-Galileo satellite [...]

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HELMET Presentation

HELMET is an innovative project to realize an open standard and interoperable GNSS augmentation solution for Train control systems based on the ERTMS standard and the Connected and autonomous cars for high accuracy-integrity positioning. Yet, Drones can benefit from this augmentation network to ensure the highest safety levels when flying over roads and rails. HELMET [...]

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Target scenarios and requirements identification for the rail and automotive sector

One of the main tasks of the HELMET project is the identification of the requirements for the identified target users. The focus of the project is on rail and automotive considering also the UAV applications intended as support for the rail and road applications. The first step is linked to the test case identification. Particularly, [...]

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Helmet Kick-Off Meeting

The HELMET project kick-off meeting was held in Prague on January 9, 2020. Daniel Lopour, Project Officer of HELMET from GSA side, presented the European GNSS Agency’s expectations regarding the project, contractual and administrative issues. Prof. Alessandro Neri (Radiolabs), the Project Coordinator, illustrated the HELMET project goals, its activities, and relationship with the [...]

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